Program Name: FOURCAST for window

Function: Time series analysis and forecasting
(univariate and multivariate)

Methodology: Moving Window Spectral Antithetic(MWSA)

Industry Group:Biomedical monitoring. Industrial process control. Corporate planning and analysis, Production planning, Operations research, Macro economic planning, Marketing research, Engineering, Consulting.

educational version (complete multivariate case based forecasting model)
single variable forecasting system
3 variable multivariate forecasting system
7 variable professional forecasting system.

All versions will handle an unlimited number of data files in batch mode.

Compatibility: WindowsXP, Vista, Windows7.

Hardware requirements: IBM PC or compatible, 20 Mega bytes of memory (RAM); CD rom drive; 8 megabyte of hard disk space; mouse; color graphics monitor; USB serial port.

optional: printer, modem, sound card.

Program modes: Interactive

Data I/O: Keyboard, Modem, USB Serial port, Diskette, ASCII files shell to DOS,Windows. Training and Support: Complete user monograph. Sample case study. On screen help. Quick reference. Input/Output file interfacing with other user systems and programs.

Download FOURCAST now to see how!

Then, expand your ideas: utilize more data, electronic stock market, commodity, options, economic and other financial data bases, statistical process control, a user's monograph + educational magazine article, case based & research journal references, and much much more!