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Then, expand your ideas: utilize more data, electronic stock market, commodity, options, economic and other financial data bases, statistical process control (spc), biomedical process control, financial auditing, multi-level forecasting/supply chain management, logistics, a user's monograph + educational magazine article, case based & research journal references, and much much more!

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Operating system: Select one of the following (scroll right for specifications on what each purchase includes). *Prepaid AMAZON.COM, or other customers. *$10 FOURCASTu Upgrade (Upgrades any version of fourcast to the latest version) *$10 FOURCASTe Educational (Complete model building & case based forecasting software + 6 panel illusrated color brochure.) -$25 FOURCASTm Educational (Software+user's monograph,mag. article,teaching case,research journal references) +$299 FOURCAST1 (Complete model building & 1 variable forecasting system.) +$495 FOURCAST3 (Complete model building & 3 variable multivariate forecasting system.) +$995 FOURCAST7 (complete model building & 7 variable professional forecasting system.) All versions handle (and forecast) an unlimited number of data files in batch mode. Trade-Up-Allowance: There is no penalty for buying low now (FOURCAST1 or FOURCAST3) and trading up later (FOURCAST1 to FOURCAST3 or FOURCAST7, FOURCAST3 to FOURCAST7). You will receive a 100% trade-in credit from the prior purchase. The trade-in FOURCAST1 or FOURCAST3 must be accompanied by proof of the original purchase. Specify trade-up-allowance, if applicable: Allowance: Optional Quantity Discount: Each additional purchase of the same program FOURCAST1, FOURCAST3 or FOURCAST7 will be discounted by 40%. Specify quantity: DEALER(Customer sales/service representative): Optional
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