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Then, expand your ideas: utilize more data, electronic stock market, commodity, options, economic and other financial data bases, statistical process control (spc), biomedical process control, financial auditing, multi-level forecasting/supply chain management, logistics, a user's monograph + educational magazine article, case based & research journal references, and much much more!


FOURCAST users include: Medical Doctor, Nurse, Accountant, Brand/product mgr., Business development mgr., Call volume mgr., Controller, Demand mgr., Dir. of mergers & acquisitions, Dir. of forecasting & planning, Dir. of information systems, Dir. of marketing, Distribution mgr., Engineer, Financial analyst, Financial officer, Forecast analyst, Forecast manager, Inventory mgr., Load forecaster, Logistics mgr., Marketing mgr., Material management mgr., Operations mgr., New business dir., New product mgr., Production mgr., Purchasing mgr., Regulatory analyst, Research mgr., Sales mgr., Scheduling mgr., Strategic planner, Systems analyst, Supply chain mgr.

"If you are in the market for a sophisticated business forecasting program, then you should consider FOURCAST."-PCM Magazine.

"It is dazzling in its ease of use and flexibility..."-Spear Link. Spear Securities, Inc.

"FOURCAST is an elegant and powerful..."..."...a sound and solid software package."-Dr. Steven S. Chang, St. Johns University, The Journal of Business Forecasting.

FOURCAST trivia: The letters FOUR in FOURCAST are also the first four lettes of the last name of Joseph Fourier, the 18th century mathematician credited with the fourier transforms used in spectral analysis.